At Really Wild we want everyone to have an opportunity to share their gifts and talents with others. That is why we use a percentage of our profits from the private sector to fund training, personal development and expeditions for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.

The greatest happiness and personal satisfactions in life come not through taking for yourself but through giving selflessly.

Really Wild Giving

You can help too!

Gifts can be given in time and volunteering, giving of your talents in teaching and sharing with others; or donating funds so that those who have less get opportunities to experience learning the Really Wild way.

See below for current projects that need your help. And if you have anything you think could benefit our students around the world then get in touch!

Borneo Humanitarian Aid Expedition

Really Wild has found a very worth while project on the islands off the coast of Borneo. There is a real need here for basic human needs such as clean running water, sanitation, medical facilities, dental care and education. Things are moving in the right direction and with your help you can make it even better.

We would love individuals and companies to sponsor our students; in return videos and other media will be generated for those who help. We are especially interested in engineering companies that work with solar and renewable energy.

Donate to this years project to build a water distribution facility for over 300 people on Banggi Island, through Lewes Old Grammar Schools just giving page.